About Japan Data Management Consortium [JDMC]

Japan Data Management Consortium [JDMC]



In an age where information systems are a necessity for planning and implementing business strategy, it is unfortunate to come across situations where information systems are not functioning as a compass for management.  The intent of the Japan Data Management Consortium is to contribute towards increasing the competitiveness of Japanese industry and organizations through the spread in the recognition of the importance of data management, and through the establishment of practical data management methods.

The term “big data” have been heard often since 2012.  Similar terms such as “open data” where various public sector held information is made public for utilization, and provision of individual reference numbers for each citizen (called the “My Number System” in Japan), have become common topics of discussion and media exposure.  The importance of data in modern society can be gauged just from these facts.

On the other hand, “talk” appears to have preceded the development of the situation on the ground.  For instance, efficient management and utilization of big data requires specialists like data scientists, but these specialists hardly exist on the ground.  Talks of open data also have not gained much traction on the ground, and major gaps in practice exist between e.g. the US and the UK.

The situation is similar in data management and utilization in industry.  Although the importance of data management and utilization are recognized, situations exist where codes are not unified thus impeding data sharing between systems, and existing input errors of data hampering data usage in strategy building.  Surveys have found that this situation in the majority of industries.

This situation, if it is allowed to continue, will create a situation where expensive information systems are unable to contribute to management and operations.  Recognizing this problem, on April 2011, 23 companies and organizations have come together for form this Consortium.  Today the Consortium counts 220 companies, and we are carrying out activities such as:


  • Providing guidelines and recommendations necessary for data management and utilization
  • Case studies in data management in fields such as client management and product information management.
  • Surveys in data management policy implementation
  • Monthly seminars and annual conferences

The reason why we have been able to be so active in a short span of 8 years is because we have striven to break down the barrier between users and vendors, in order to study and apply data management practices from aspects that have direct bearing on day to day business – an objective of this Consortium which have been supported by our active member companies.

We consider precise and efficient collection, accumulation, management and utilization of data and information to be of crucial importance for industry and society.


Organized : Monday, April 18, 2011
Chairman : Satoshi Kurishima,
President, NTT COMWARE Corporation
Member composition : Vendor corporations 60

User corporations 170